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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36006/16184-12

Título del libro: Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching

URL del libro: https://octaedro.com/libro/trends-and-good-practices-in-research-and-teaching/


DOI del libro: https://doi.org/10.36006/16184

Citizenship Oriented to Justice in Higher Education: Didactic Experience and Revision in the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary School Education



Inequality is a relevant issue related to politics, society, culture, economy or history. In this way. Critical thinking is considered an essential step to allow teachers to educate for a citizenship oriented to justice in a school understood as the engine of social change. Moreover, several studies have shown the effectiveness of debates and argumentation in social sciences classes in other to teach significantly. This is possible starting from conflicts and socio-environmental realities in order to construct a truly democratic citizenship. According this, it is presented one of the latest versions of the didactic experience design, “let’s buy!”, in addition to the evaluation and reflection of this experience based on the information collected by the teacher’s diary, peer assessment and interview sheets for classroom group with a sample of 317 third-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary School Education at the University of Huelva. In general, in coherence with the results of some relevant researches on citizenship education and initial training of teachers and taking as a reference the reflection on the action, it is concluded that didactic experiences where socio-economic problems of the daily environment of students are analyzed can contribute to awareness and professional predisposition of future teachers to consider situations that could affect the teaching and learning process.


  • Emilio José Delgado-Algarra
  • University of Huelva
  • http://orcid.org/0000-0002-2183-8465

  • Doctorado Cum Laude con mención europea en didáctica de las Ciencias Sociales y profesor de dicha área en la Universidad de Huelva (España). Director del Centro Académico y Cultural de Asia Oriental de la UHU y coordinador de la sede japonesa del colectivo docente internacional Innovagogía. Miembro del Centro de investigación COIDESO, del grupo de investigación DESYM y de la red interuniversitaria Red 14. Con experiencia en la organización y dirección de eventos científicos, su principal línea de investigación se centra en enseñanza de la historia y de las ciencias sociales, educación ciudadana y memoria en el contexto hispano-japonés; además del uso de las TIC en la didáctica de las ciencias sociales.

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José Delgado-Algarra, E., Bernal-Bravo, C., Lorca-Marín, A. A. ., López Meneses, E.  (2019). Citizenship Oriented to Justice in Higher Education: Didactic Experience and Revision in the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary School Education. En León-Urrutia, M., Vázquez Cano, E., Fair, N., López Meneses, E. (coords.) Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching. A Spanish-English Collaboration. Barcelona: Octaedro. https://doi.org/xxxxxxx-16184-12

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