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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36006/16184-02

Título del libro: Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching

URL del libro: https://octaedro.com/libro/trends-and-good-practices-in-research-and-teaching


DOI del libro: https://doi.org/10.36006/16184

Towards a Taxonomy of Video for HCI Education



This paper examines six case studies where video has been used for educational purposes, specifically on topics of Human-Computer Interaction. Through this examination, we identify the recurrent themes and propose the main dimensions upon which a taxonomy of video for HCI education can be drawn: considering who the actors in the producer-consumer dichotomy are, whether students, tutors, or external third parties. Recurrent observations made in a wide variety of contexts across our educational practice are also outlined. We propose further development of this taxonomy.

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Wilde, A., Dix, A., Evans, C., Vasilchenko, A., Maguire, J., Snow, S. (2019). Towards a Taxonomy of Video for HCI Education. En León-Urrutia, M., Vázquez Cano, E., Fair, N., López Meneses, E. (coords.) Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching. A Spanish-English Collaboration. Barcelona: Octaedro. https://doi.org/xxxxxxx-16184-02

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