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Fecha: junio, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence and Education: an Ongoing Dialogue

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The present volume explores the broad impact of artificial intelligence in education by presenting a broad range of perspectives from some leading experts in the field. An initial chapter tackles macro level considerations from a social and anthropological perspective. Further, chapters explore more specific topics, ranging from philosophical aspects to the implications of AI in pedagogy and andragogy. The final chapter attempts to integrate the disparate aspects of the dialogue into a cohesive voice.



Prologue (Otto Federico von Feigenblatt)
Chapter 1. Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education from a Social and Anthropological Perspective (Otto Federico von Feigenblatt)
Chapter 2. The use of ChatGPT as artificial intelligence in language teaching (Hugo Heredia Ponce, Lia Machado Fiuza Fialho, Manuel Francisco Romero Oliva)
Chapter 3. The impact of AI in education: 120+ teaching tools and resources for classroom work (Miquel Àngel Prats Fernández)
Chapter 4. Artificial Intelligence and education: why, how and what for (Juan Carlos Judikis Preller, Jordi Quintana Albalat)
Chapter 5. Homo technicus: From techné to Artificial Intelligence (Oscar-Yecid Aparicio-Gómez, William-Oswaldo Aparicio-Gómez)
Chapter 6. The Role of AI in Teaching Philosophy (Mathew J. Anderson)

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