Otto Federico von Feigenblatt

Otto Federico von Feigenblatt is an academician of honor of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain, a corresponding academician of the Royal Academy of Economics and Financial Sciences of Spain, and of the Royal Spanish Academy of the Sea, and a numbered academician of the National Academy of History and Geography of Mexico. He was knighted by King Phillip VI of Spain with the Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic for his contributions to the social sciences. Ambassador von Feigenblatt received the title of «Honorary Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo» from the President of Kosovo for his contributions to the fields of development studies and peace studies. He holds a BSS in Asia Pacific Studies from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Beppu, Japan), an MA in International Development Studies from Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand), a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and an EdD in Higher Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University (Florida, USA), Graduate Certificates in Social Justice and in International Relations in addition to a ALM in Anthropology and Archeology from Harvard University (Boston, USA). His research is interdisciplinary and he has received multiple honorary doctorates for his research and service. He is currently serving as Full Professor of Education and Program Director of the PhD and MS in Educational Leadership at the Latin Division of Keiser University (Florida, USA) and he also serves as the Honorary Consul and Head of Post of the Republic of Namibia for the State of Georgia, USA.
Keiser University
Artificial Intelligence and Education: an Ongoing Dialogue

Artificial Intelligence and Education: an Ongoing Dialogue

The present volume explores the broad impact of artificial intelligence in education by presenting a broad range of perspectives from some leading experts in the field. An initial chapter tackles macro level considerations from a social and anthropological...

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