The publishing house

The publishing house was founded by a team of publishing and education professionals, with the essential aim of becoming a benchmark for quality publishing for all areas of the education sector. From the educational sector, he entered the publishing world of the humanities, social sciences and thought, combining essays and literary creation.

It currently has its own publishing team, with professional editors, designers and producers trained to maintain quality in publishing and to constantly adapt to the use of new technologies in both processes and finishes.

More than2,000 books have been published in hard copy, and more than 1,000 ebooks, all of which are intended for permanent sale, bringing the current supply of living books in hard copy to more than 1,800 books.

The different collections can be found in the Octahedron search engine and the different themes are expressed in the current website with the link

Some important collections and programmes have their own website, such as Education, Psychology, University, Passos, Early Childhood Education… all of which are listed in the OCTAEDRO WEBSITES section.

It is published in Spanish (90%), Catalan (7%) and the rest in other languages.



From the earliest times, paper editions have been produced and later in digital formats such as EPUB, PDF and HTML (for school books).

Many Octahedron books and programmes require additional viewing on the web and are available with free and restricted personal permissions, as appropriate.

Since 2017, Octaedro’s websites have been created and generated by its own staff, and it is the staff team that updates and manages them, according to the department.

With many universities around the world, Octaedro co-publishes books, being the publishing house the only one in charge of the edition and marketing of all the books. You can see many collaborations on the web, and many co-edited books.

We have agreements with various institutions and universities to publish books in Open Access, as an example of collaboration with the scientific and academic community. Se puede ver en

In 2020 the publisher has developed the Octaedro-Solaris platform, with two variants. The first for occasional or perpetual lending of our publications in institutional digital libraries (operational since October 2020 with several universities) and the second as a platform for hosting complete books in all formats, chapters of the same books, with binding metadata and articles from the media in which Octaedro participates (several educational journals), which has been operational since February 2021.

In September 2021 it launches a new platformOctaedro Digital for the marketing of individual ebooks, in bundles and subscriptions.

The technical team of the publishing house, together with the Fundació Periodisme Plural, has launched in November 2020 a Repository of 2,000 updated articles with binding metadata, published since 2016 by www.eldiariodelaeducació, ranked as the most visited Spanish-language education journal from 2019 to 2021, with more than 2,000,000 annual users, more than half of them in Latin America. The repository can be viewed at



In addition to the website, which has already been extensively described, the publishing house and the communications department have created regular newslettersand a variety of permanent messages on social networks to keep the educational network, libraries and the bookshop network informed.

In 2020 we have incorporatedvideo editing in our facilities, with our own staff, from our department Octaedro Multimedia. In April 2020, regular weekly broadcasts of programmes related to our publications were launched. All visible on the Youtube Channel EDITORIAL OCTAEDRO.

April 2020 also saw the launch of the Octahedro Podcast channel, available on networks under the name HABLEMOS DE EDUCACIÓN OCTAEDRO (Let’s TALK ABOUT EDUCATION OCTAEDRO).



Distribution in the following points of sale for the digital version on the platforms and media mentioned on Octaedro’s website, with the intention of reaching all points where there may be commercial demand.

Distribution and dissemination of the printed work.



Since its inception there have been different departments, being at the head:

Publisher: Juan León

General Administrator: Ana Suárez

Academic Director: Manuel León

Advisory Committee: Jaume Carbonell, Juana María Sancho, Fernando Hernández and Heike Freire

Departamento editorial

Joan Reig: production manager

Pilar Ciruelo: editora

Xavier Torras: editor

Management Department

Javier Herrera: Director of Commercial Management

Pablo Castillo: technician in charge of digital promotion, network advertising and institutional promotion, and administration in the management of international projects.