University Education (Directed by Teresa Pagès Costas)

This collection directed by Teresa Pagès Costas (Faculty of Biology UB) contributes to the dissemination of significant experiences and good practices of innovation and teaching improvement in the field of higher education and attempts to provide appropriate responses to the challenges posed by trends in the teaching-learning process and the construction of new spaces for higher education.

Composed of highly popular books on university teaching and learning, it is aimed especially at university lecturers and future teachers in training, university administrators, students in higher education and all those interested in the world of university teaching.

The collection also presents digital editions of all the books and of those documents which, due to their nature or the length and breadth of their approaches, exceed the possibilities of editions in traditional formats.

They are part of the Editorial Board of the collection:

Director Teresa Pagès Costas (Head of the University Section, ICE-UB, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona)

Coordinator Anna Forés Miravalles (Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona)

Publisher Juan León Varón (director of Editorial Octaedro)

Editorial Board ICE Board of Directors Pedro Allueva Torres (Faculty of Education, University of Zaragoza) Pilar Ciruelo Rando (Ed. Octaedro) Mar Cruz Piñol (Faculty of Philology, University of Barcelona) Carmen Ferrándiz García (Faculty of Psychology, University of Murcia) Mercè Gracenea Zugarramurdi (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona) Virginia Larraz Rad (Faculty of Education Sciences, University of Andorra) Miquel Martínez Martín (Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona) Miquel Oliver Trobat (Faculty of Education, University of the Balearic Islands) Joan Carles Ondategui Parra (Faculty of Optics and Optometry, Polytechnic University of Catalonia) Jordi Ortín Rull (Faculty of Physics, University of Barcelona) Miguel A. Pereyra García-Castro (Faculty of Education Sciences, University of Granada) Mireia Ribera Turró (Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Analysis, University of Barcelona) Alicia Rodríguez Álvarez (Faculty of Philology, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) Antoni Sans Martín (Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona) Carmen Saurina Canals (Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, University of Girona) Marina Solé Català (Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona)

Technical Secretariat of the Editorial Board Lourdes Marzo Ruiz (ICE-UB, University of Barcelona), Ana Suárez Albo (Editorial Octaedro)

Forma parte de esta colección la serie Educación comparada e internacional, dirigida por Miguel A. Pereyra, en la Universidad de Granada. The books in this series have a distinct and distinct orientation. It publishes works that present the results of leading international research on issues related to higher education from a comparative perspective.