Co-publication IceOctaedro

University lecturers will find useful guides for their teaching practice in the collections that make up the co-publication with the ICE. From the precise analysis and research of current teaching practices and based on the knowledge of renowned teachersIn addition, the Spanish and European educational panorama for all the areas of knowledge is viewed.

University teaching notebooks

They provide university teaching staff with various materials and documents that facilitate teaching work, in accordance with a vision of teaching and learning centred on the work of students, and aim to facilitate good teaching practices.
Proposals are made that help to clarify key concepts; varied strategies for planning, methodology and teaching evaluation are presented, designed from different disciplinary and academic contexts. Didactic proposals made by teaching teams are presented and experiences are offered where good teaching use has been made of information and communication technologies.
Due to their content and usefulness, these materials can help to improve teaching and be an instrument for the training of university teaching staff.

Educación Universitaria

This collection contributes to the dissemination of significant experiences and good practices of innovation and teaching improvement in the field of higher education and attempts to provide appropriate responses to the challenges posed by trends in the teaching-learning process and the construction of new spaces for higher education.

Composed of highly popular books on university teaching and learning, it is aimed especially at university lecturers and future teachers in training, university administrators, students in higher education and all those interested in the world of university teaching.

The collection also presents digital editions of all the books and of those documents which, due to their nature or the length and breadth of their approaches, exceed the possibilities of editions in traditional formats.