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ISBN: 9788499211664
Reference: 6901-0
Date: Junio, 2011
Binding: Rústica
Size: 20 x 26
Pages: 480

Salud adulta y bienestar a partir de los 40

Collection: Con vivencias




A partir de los 40 años, es habitual encontrarse con problemas de salud de mayor o menor entidad, que inesperadamente irrumpen en nuestras vidas. La presente Guía pretende ofrecer un enfoque cercano y práctico sobre la salud, sus alteraciones (más de 150 dolencias) y la posibilidad de aumentar el bienestar mediante ajustes nutricionales y la toma de más de 300 productos dietéticos de venta habitual en herbolarios, tiendas de dietética y parafarmacias a nivel nacional.

Table of contents

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Capítulo 1. El sistema osteomuscular
Capítulo 2. El sistema genitourinario
Capítulo 3. El sistema digestivo
Capítulo 4. El sistema respiratorio
Capítulo 5. El sistema circulatorio
Capítulo 6. El sistema sanguíneo
Capítulo 7. Estrés y salud
Capítulo 8. El sistema dermatológico
Capítulo 9. Salud visual
Capítulo 10. Salud en el varón


Mercedes Aguirre Lipperheide


D. in Biology Mercedes Aguirre Lipperheide (Getxo, 1966), graduated in Marine Biology (Tenerife, 1989) and then did a 4-year PhD in the Department of Pure and Applied Biology at the University of Leeds, in the field of algal biotechnology (1993, England). After returning to Spain, her activities have been related to the world of health (as a clinical analyst, translator in the medical and pharmaceutical field, researcher in clinical trials, etc.). She is currently in charge of R&D in a food supplement laboratory specialising in omega-3, an activity that she combines with her participation in numerous scientific forums and research activities. He has published two extensive books related to food, supplementation and health: Practical guide to health in childhood and adolescence (2007, Octahedron) and Adult health and wellbeing after 40 (2011, Octahedron). In this third book, food continues to occupy a key place, although this time he places special emphasis on its influence on cognitive and behavioural levels. In addition, he has delved into a very new field, little known, but with a great future, such as neurological organisation techniques. Thanks to a simple and complete exposition, it is possible to understand the great diagnostic tools, as well as the treatment that these non-invasive techniques have, putting them within the reach of professionals and parents. Undoubtedly a great help for people in charge of children or adolescents (and even adults!) with behavioural and learning problems, and even as a reinforcement guide. Health blog Follow her on Facebook Author's blog

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