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Problemas y más problemas

GENRE: Textbook

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Presentación de la geometría en la escuela infantil y primaria
Presentación del dossier
BLOQUE I. Problemas visuales, manipulativos y de la vida cotidiana
Orientaciones didácticas y actividades
BLOQUE II. Juegos de lógica, enigmas y problemas de ingenio
Orientaciones didácticas y actividades
BLOQUE III. Problemas que trabajan la comprensión del texto y la estructura lógica
Orientaciones didácticas y actividades
BLOQUE IV. Problemas abiertos y con posibilidad de escoger lo medios
Orientaciones didácticas y actividades
BLOQUE V. Problemas de investigación y de creación propia
Orientaciones didácticas y actividades
BLOQUE VI. Problemas de cálculo y de geometría
Orientaciones didácticas y actividades

Maria Antonia Canals Tolosa

She is a teacher from a family of teachers, instilled with the methods of Maria Montessori. She graduated in exact sciences. In 1956 she worked at the Talitha school and with Marta Mata, Pere Darder, Maria Teresa Codina and others, she was one of the founders of the Rosa Sensat Teachers' Association. In 1962 he founded the Ton i Guida school in the Verdum district of Barcelona. She has worked in teacher training at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the universities of Vic and Girona. She is the author of numerous publications on the teaching of mathematics and has had a notable influence on the Almost and Perimeter teachers' groups. She was awarded the Medalla al Mérito en el Trabajo in 1986, the Premio Maestros 68 in 1994 and the Cruz de Sant Jordi in 2006. A teacher training centre in Nepal is named after him.

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