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Title of the book: Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching

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Working with Networks on the University Campus



The universal education is today a reality. Trough the e-learning system we can access to diverse educational system for all the educational level. In this case the technical revolutions have suppose that the higher centre changes their point of view and think how arrived at all the student or possibly pupils. In this case the social networks have became in the best too to get the principal objective of the universities, the communicate with all the student and teachers. In this chapter we presented different social nets for all the world and how the universities made themselves known to the world.


  • Verónica Marín-Díaz
  • University of Cordoba
  • D. in Pedagogy from the University of Granada, she has developed her teaching and research work around educational technology and media education, relating them to inclusive environments. She was director of the University of Cordoba's master's degree in Inclusive Education in the period 2012-2015.    

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Marín Díaz, V., Muñoz González, J. M., Hidalgo Ariza, M.ª D. (2019). Working with Networks on the University Campus. En León-Urrutia, M., Vázquez Cano, E., Fair, N., López Meneses, E. (coords.) Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching. A Spanish-English Collaboration. Barcelona: Octaedro.

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