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Training of Communication Skills in Social Education Students Through an Innovative Experience



This chapter presents an innovative experience carried out through a university extension course in the 2016-2017 academic year for Social Education students of the University of Huelva. The main objective has been to facilitate the acquisition of communication skills by the participating students (a total of 21 students). A participative, interactive and expository methodology has been followed between professors and students. The analysis of the data will be made thanks to the results obtained from the satisfaction surveys that the same university uses for this type of workshops that are offered in these calls. The results show a high students motivation in this type of initiatives as well as a very positive attitude on the part of participating professors.


  • Carmen M. Aránzazu Cejudo-Cortés
  • University of Huelva
  • D. in Educational Sciences, she has devoted much of her professional career to research on the stigma suffered by people with HIV/AIDS and to combating, through social education, the prejudices that subject vulnerable groups to social marginalisation. She has worked in different entities and social organisations dedicated to the social, labour and educational integration of these people, both young people and adults, in which she has worked as a counsellor and coordinator of occupational vocational training and as the director of a centre for the elderly. Aránzazu Cejudo is a lecturer in the Department of Education at the University of Huelva, in the field of Social Pedagogy, and a member of the Research Group Cultural Studies in Education and of the Centre for Research in Migration (CIM) of the aforementioned university. She also participates as a lecturer in the Master's Degree in Psychopedagogy at the University of Seville.

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Castillo Cidre, V., Cejudo Cortés, A., Corchuelo Fernández, C. (2019). Training of Communication Skills in Social Education Students Through an Innovative Experience. En León-Urrutia, M., Vázquez Cano, E., Fair, N., López Meneses, E. (coords.) Trends and Good Practices in Research and Teaching. A Spanish-English Collaboration. Barcelona: Octaedro.

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