Service-learning (SL) is making a strong entry into university curricula and recent educational research initiatives. The present work arises in response to this determined advance with the desire to consolidate and improve the culture and knowledge of ApS in the university. With this in mind, the book provides tools to stimulate its implementation and research, thus contributing to generate a conceptual and procedural framework that ensures its continuity and illuminates its future.

The content is structured in three main blocks. The first one conceptualises ApS and presents the main possibilities it offers in universities, with special reference to initial teacher education. The second addresses different paradigms and research methods from which to analyse their main effects and detect possible points of improvement. Finally, the third section presents a series of PSA interventions that exemplify in a practical and orderly way what has been discussed in the previous chapters.

In short, easy to read, this book will bring the university community closer to the ApS pedagogical method from different points of view, with the intention of allowing those interested to make an informed choice of different options for intervention and research.

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