Teamwork is currently one of the most highly demanded competences among university students by companies. In this paper we make a contribution to research into the area through an experience of educational innovation. We assess the level of satisfaction of a student group with the deployment of teamwork through a collaborative software open. To this end, an exploratory-­

descriptive study has been carried out and a questionnaire has been used with questions on technological skills and satisfaction in ICT knowledge. Among the results, the highest score questions are: the student’s ability to coordinate a group activity carried out on the internet, knowledge about information programs in which to share information on the network with peers and the use of cloud storage systems. The advantages detected when using a web application for group work for the first time are related to the motivation and the greater involvement of the students, as well as a better distribution of tasks among the different members of the group and a more effective follow-up of the development of the works by the teacher and coordinator responsible for the group.

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